Website Maintenance

website maintenance

Your website should be always brilliant!


A neglected site is a sure way to lose business.


A website, like any home, is constantly evolving. Your online home base expresses your own business involvement and growth. It’s always a work in progress, and always improving.

Things to remember regarding your website:

  • search engine optimization is an ongoing task;
  • links may become inactive and need updating;
  • you should continuously add new pages to your site, thus increasing the impact of your brand with both search engines and human beings;
  • always work towards shaping your site so that it is as interactive as possible.

Website Maintenance from SBOB includes:

  1. Updates to copy, forms, and images;
  2. Creation of additional pages according to plan;
  3. Periodic appearance, SEO, and links checks;
  4. Maintenance of plug-ins and widgets.
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