Business Goals, Keywords, and Your Website

TieksYou already know that your business website should accomplish certain very specific things on the way to meeting your business goals. This post looks at a few examples of how that works.

It’s a rare enterprise that is not concerned with money-making. If the mission of your biz is social, political, educational, or the like then you’re probably a non-profit. We can deal with that in another post. But for now, let’s assume we are all pretty much in it for the bucks.

Unfortunately, many small businesses stop there in their website planning. They are looking for more income, plain and simple. So they direct a site developer to build pages with the aim of making money. However, since all aspects of their business are involved in this same objective, it’s not easy to decide which part of available content is the best hook for a website home page or landing page. [Read more…]

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