Blog vs. Facebook

Facebook vs.bloggingI built a website for a local brick-and-mortar business recently, and in the process asked if they would be including a blog.

We discussed the key benefits of blogging. My client asked, “So could I use what I’m posting on Facebook as blog posts?

It’s a valid question. For attracting the attention of a crowd, a blog post and a Facebook update may seem to be equally effective. However, they actually serve very different purposes.

There are millions and millions of blogs on the internet. But there are billions and billions of people on the planet. Online, bloggers are the business owners, the creators, the publishers, the ones who dare to take the lead. They are definitely in the minority, even though their number potentially includes every business owner alive (and anyone with a long term mission, come to think of it).

If you have a website, without some kind of blog you’ll have trouble attracting site traffic. This reality means that business owners who hope to use the internet for marketing must understand their role as creators on the web. You may be a plumber or a psychologist, but you’re also a leader. Today’s world requires that you share your leadership through web publishing. [Read more…]

Content is Collateral

Tyler.MeyerIf you’re having trouble understanding why the new standards in marketing require you to blog and post social media updates and pictures and all kinds of stuff about your daily business and life, this blog post may help. Because if you use the internet to market your small business, the first thing you learn is that content is collateral.

It’s almost like currency. Businesses used to market, purchasing attention with cash. Now we garner that attention through publishing. We used to count on advertisers to create clever slogans. There did not need to be a close relationship between your products and the slogans; you only needed the ads to be attractive in themselves. Many a corporation still uses these old methods (for instance, what does Geiko’s gecko have to do with a good insurance deal?)

But the internet introduced a different kind of marketing, one that’s closer to publishing than advertising. Online marketing counts on the value of a brand to be a deep well of useful information for the customer; and on the staff of an organization to share that information regularly. [Read more…]

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