9 Best Practices for Creating and Maintaining Your Client List

Your business leads listYou are aware that the money’s in your list, as they say. The success of your enterprise is directly related to the contact information  you have. Do you know who is on your list, what they do, what they’re like? The more specific information you have about your leads and buyers the better you can serve their needs and the more successful your business will be.

It’s that simple, though for some reason working through the process is pretty hard, something we all have to work at. Nonetheless the creation, cultivation, and care of your list can be done in a few clear steps. [Read more…]

What is an Opt-In and Why?

Brochures are precursors of opt-ins.I just returned from a long trip out of town. As always when traveling, I gathered a large pile of brochures, maps, flyers, and local newspapers. I love combing the racks at motels and Welcome Centers, culling the tastiest information and bringing it back to whatever room I currently occupy to peruse and plot my next adventures. These kinds of lures are taken for granted. Whether at the doctor’s office, the Chamber of Commerce, or the basket weavers’ convention, we expect to have access to free information. We need the descriptions, the images, the specifics; we want graphic details before we’re willing to buy. Printed brochures, premium items (like fans or pens with your company logo), fact or tip sheets and the like have been used for centuries in business. Today’s “opt-in” is the direct descendant of this familiar marketing tactic. However, the opt-in we have today actually improves on its forebears by doubling as a lead-generation device. While the venerable brochure fostered new clients, it did not provide that lead’s contact information. In contrast. a website opt-in is usually accessible only via a process that involves sharing at least your first name and email address. [Read more…]

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