Social Media Management

Planning, updates, monitoring, support


Configure your Social Media for Success


Create a communications system that brings measurable returns as well as inspiration, support, and a content-centered marketing method that is actually fun!

Social Media:

  • is real-time, location-independent networking;
  • introduces you to tons more people than you are ever likely to meet in person;
  • is a way to have conversations with – and expose your business to – a wide variety of people;
  • keeps you informed of developments in your field;
  • is a place to share news about you and/or your business;
  • serves as a channel to direct people to visit your site.

Social Media Management from SBOB includes:

  1. social media editorial calendar showing meta data for projected postings from you as well as your SBOB partners;
  2. responsibility for company social media updates: posts relate to your website, blog posts, events, or your brand in general;*
  3. responding to comments and notifying you when comments need your special attention;
  4. updating your profiles as needed;
  5. reporting to you monthly on connections, trends, and projects.

* Current wisdom suggests the 10:4:1 rule. This means for every ten updates that contain links to third party sites, you add four links to company blog posts and one link to a company Landing Page.
PLEASE NOTE: a significant number of social media updates should come from you personally. We help plan these, but you create and post them.

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