Real Time Social Media Engagement

a guest post by Kate Edgar

open-houseWho’s engaged? When’s the last time you took the time to comment and connect on social media? Today? Yesterday? Recently at least?

Many are quick to speak their minds commenting on blog posts, but in the social circles on your platforms, are you engaged? If you can answer a wholehearted yes, then you win the Champion Social Engagement Award (would go on your wall if there was such an award, but alas…), and you might want to pass on the rest of this article. But for those who are shaking heads no, listen up.

What’s in a name? Social Media’s the name. Savvy engagement’s the game.

Begin with this visual: Say you decide to co-host an open house or two (social media platforms) with  some friends (connections, followers, customers, potential customers, etc.). You meet up in one place, or another (you’re found on several platforms)  and the loose hours at the open houses make it easy to get there kind of whenever you want to (hopping on to catch up, etc.). You and these friends decorate a bit (post something interesting or entertaining to the specific audience you’re addressing) to add ambience that enables a free flow of conversation, benefit, and enjoyment (comments, interaction) for those working the crowd.

Important to getting that flow going though is first, to go to the party with people who share your interests, ideas, and concerns; and second, who will have something to contribute to the conversations you bring. New topics get peppered in now and then and the open house gets buzzing as time goes on. People are engaged (they comment, like, follow, RT, share, +1, interact) in real time, while they’re there.

How much time do you have? No excuses here! Scheduling social media reply or comment time into each day or every other day or maybe just once a week, works for most. (You can sync and manage all of your social and email accounts to a single dashboard. Check out Social Media Examiner’s article here on some nifty apps for this.). The point of course is to find consistency and stick to it, just like posting your blog at regular intervals. Read, listen, pin, or watch the postings that reach you and then reach out in a conversational way, replying to the sender. Spark and keep healthy conversations going as best you can. Not everyone will reciprocate, but stay with it; persistence pays.

Your fans are waiting! Don’t disappoint them.

Please share. Also comment on this post with how you use creative strategies to engage on social media.

For another perspective please enjoy this article by Chris Abraham, so beautifully written.


Kate Edgar owns, a virtual administrative partner to small business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them realize better balance to grow their business. Paths to greater productivity and goals are opened, and the business owner finds valuable support they’ve been missing all along.  Great minds dream alike! Join Kate on Facebook!

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Mary H. Ruth is a virtual assistant, online marketing manager, copywriter and editor, and certified inbound marketing specialist. She has over 30 years' experience in administration and marketing in both non-profit and business sectors, having earned a degree in English Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1975. Now living in Gainesville, Florida, she's been working online since late 2007.

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