Opt-in Content Creation

opt-in content creation

A freemium offers further evidence of your expertise


… and entices site visitors to subscribe


Tip-sheet, ebook, video, report, how-to –
A Freemium is premium content offered for free in exchange for site visitor’s name and email address

Opt-in content

  • should be a sample of your very best work;
  • may be text, images, video, audio, other;
  • should include links to all your online profiles;
  • may be split-tested and alternated with new content occasionally.

Opt-in Content Creation from SBOB includes:

  1. Working with you to identify optimal opt-in items;
  2. Assisting you in the creation of opt-in content;
  3. Setting up forms, capturing data, structuring download process and web pages for opt-in.
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