Newsletter Set Up

Newsletter set up

Your Subscribers are Your Tribe
and they deserve your very best


The most vital part of your enterprise is your contact list, right? It’s where you get down to the real relationships, the one-on-one bonds. These are not only leads but self-selecting, highly-qualified leads, well-positioned to receive your messages and take action from them.

Your newsletter

  • lets you develop your inner circle, your passionate participants or fans;
  • is a way to share your online publications with your own crowd;
  • provides a place to make offers that are exclusive to your closest patrons and supporters;
  • keeps you top-of-mind with these patrons/supporters;
  • is an enticement or value-add when you’re cultivating mid-funnel leads;
  • is a way to mobilize your community for quick action for whatever reason: a way to access instant interaction/support/sales.

Newsletter Set Up with SBOB includes:

  1. account set up
  2. list uploads
  3. website widget for leads
  4. custom template according to your specs
  5. training as required for clients to easily use the software
  6. troubleshooting for the duration of our contract with you
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