Newsletter Management

newsletter management

Emails to your lists are hot marketing property


Speak directly to your target as an individual


They opted-in: now generously build their trust.

Updates by email:

  • are personalized;
  • can address highly specific market segments;
  • keep you top-of-mind with your tribe;
  • are an opportunity to share new website content, blog posts, downloads, services, and products;
  • provide a vehicle you can use to get to know your list members better;
  • let you deepen your relationship with people who have opted in;
  • are easily shareable;
  • stats are easily trackable.

Newsletter Management from SBOB includes:

  1. editorial calendar with newsletter content items for the next three months;
  2. coordinate content production;
  3. write and/or edit as contracted;
  4. maintain contact lists;
  5. layout, format, test, and distribute each issue;
  6. collect and present statistics.

* We use the term “newsletter” generically here. If your emails are more like digests, letters, announcements, or something else, the same procedures apply.

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