Lead Nurturing as Lifestyle for Your Online Brand

zoetnetWhat’s the lifestyle of your small business or entrepreneurship? 

Before you can answer that question, we have to agree on a definition of lifestyle, especially when it comes to business.

Even associating the word lifestyle with anything about business may seem unusual. We think of it more in reference to our personal lives.

But there’s a growing trend in the synthesis of personal and professional lives, via the internet and global communications, and the concept of lifestyle is now a  major concern even in the public arena of your business. The way you conduct your affairs, the life of your commerce makes all the difference to today’s markets.

Are you a Whole Foods, a Walmart, a Waffle House, a Winery? You are distinguished by your brand and the lifestyle it supports. And the same applies even if you simply sell ice cream from a roadside stand.

So how can lifestyle be defined when it comes to business? Maybe we can understand it in terms of where the major focus lies. While we can assume profit is always paramount, our understanding of how to gain profit varies considerably.

Profit, for Whole Foods, may be achieved by setting a standard of quality; for Walmart, profit may be seen as a matter of quantity; for Waffle House, profit comes through predictability, while for a Winery, surprise or unpredictability will serve their bottom line the best.

It is possible and even desirable to create your enterprise from the ground up around a desired lifestyle. Defining this approach makes clear most of the choices you should make, from logo selections to products and services to customer relations.

  • For artists, their chosen ‘public lifestyle’ is usually content-driven. It’s all about the products of their creativity.
  • Professionals like doctors and lawyers carefully select the lifestyle they wish to cultivate, from emergency care to cosmetics.
  • Tradespeople serve a lifestyle of practicality and community.

Online, we find that what works best is a lifestyle of lead-nurturing. Or maybe a more humanist way of labeling it would be to say it’s a lifestyle of deepening friendships. 

When interfacing with the entire globe, a small business becomes far more concerned with qualifying leads than with collecting them. If your website, SEO, and social media are healthy and active, it’s far more important to address the right audience than it is to address a large audience. When the right audience is engaged, the challenge is to nurture them, to increase their interest and strengthen your bond with them.

For the entrepreneur, it’s not about constant expansion to reach ever larger markets online; it’s about constant cultivation of the markets you organically reach and continuously serve through your faithful and generous sharing.

About Mary Ruth

Mary H. Ruth is a virtual assistant, online marketing manager, copywriter and editor, and certified inbound marketing specialist. She has over 30 years' experience in administration and marketing in both non-profit and business sectors, having earned a degree in English Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1975. Now living in Gainesville, Florida, she's been working online since late 2007.

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