Landing Pages

landing pages

Use Landing Pages Effectively


Provide irresistible portals that widen your impact


Make it ultra-easy for people to

      • subscribe
      • download
      • buy

Landing Pages:

  • convert site visitors to leads;
  • are structured to laser-focus the visitor’s attention;
  • feature a dominant call to action;
  • must be marketed;*
  • enrich the path to opt-ins or sales;
  • performance can be easily measured.

*It’s called a Landing Page because it is the location where you send people that you reach via your communications: you direct them to land there.

A Landing Page you create with SBOB might offer:

  1. a free publication;
  2. a tip sheet;
  3. a video;
  4. a special report or analysis;
  5. registration for an event;
  6. a product or service for purchase;
  7. any other desirable free item in exchange for which people will be willing to give you their email address.
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