Custom Inbound Marketing Plan

Custom Inbound Marketing Plan

Inbound Marketing – Your Way


A tailored plan for ongoing internet interactions that you can live with!


Create a precisely targeted plan to magnetize your audiences.

Your Inbound Marketing Plan

  • includes all regular and special event activities your company does on the web at specific times during an upcoming period;
  • is a map that shows exactly what tasks should be performed on any specific day;
  • may be amended at any point, as appropriate;
  • is a living document, making it possible to organize progress reports and future plans in light of identified hot spots or issues.

Custom Inbound Marketing Plan from SBOB includes processes and timelines for:

  1. Blog production
  2. Landing Pages and Special Offers
  3. Social Media
  4. Emails
  5. Press releases and articles
  6. Additional content* and website updates

* Some restrictions apply.

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