Blog Management

Blogging is your regular contribution of content to the web and to your field


Make it enjoyable for you and your readers

Find your content sweet spot and let it become your business lifestyle.

Weekly blog posts

  • establish your credibility;
  • provide a way for people to get to know you and interact with you;
  • make you think and express actively, creatively, and helpfully about your business;
  • vastly improve search engine optimization;
  • provide the content that you use everywhere to direct people to your site;
  • become the basis for re-purposing into content of many kinds.

Blog Management from SBOB includes:

  1. Blog editorial calendar with keyword integration for the next three months;
  2. Negotiated process for creating posts;*
  3. Upload, tag, and schedule posts.

* This may range from merely editing posts created by you to taking responsibility for most of the posts’ production, with minimal input from you. Note, however, that all blog creation requires a certain amount of participation by the business owner in order to be effective as an inbound marketing tool. We don’t do generic blogging.

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